Senior Skip Day


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

As graduation approaches and the school year comes to an end, the seniors of Holy Family are checking out of classwork. The sun is shining bright, and summer is just around the corner. Many students cannot wait to finally be finished with their school year. 

In celebration of the upcoming graduation, Holy Family sanctioned a “ditch day” for their seniors. With a start time of 11 a.m., students were able to sleep in and leisurely make their way to school on Friday morning. In the front courtyard, games like Spikeball were being played as everyone was checked in for attendance. On the football field, students were able to play games of soccer, football, and lacrosse, which was super fun. 

However, the best and most delicious part of this event was the food. Holy Family brought an In-n-Out truck to serve all of the seniors some yummy burgers and chips. The truck came fully equipped with a soda machine, ranging from Sprite to Coke to Dr. Pepper. When you ordered your burger, the chefs cooked it for you right in the truck. They could accommodate all of our special requests. Next, you had a choice between regular potato chips and salt and vinegar chips. Both options were tasty, but I chose the plain chips and made my way over to the sodas to grab a Dr. Pepper. 

With all of our food in hand, my friends and I made our way over to the tables near the bleachers to eat. Looking out onto the football field, we watched the games as we sat around and talked about the journey we are all about to embark on. Some of my friends are going to the east coast, some are going to the south with me, and some are not leaving Colorado at all. We will all be spread out over the country, but we will always have these last four years at Holy Family to remember each other.