NFL Draft 2023


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

The NFL Draft provides NFL fans with much-needed football content during the weeks of late April or early May.  There are two things certain about the draft: There will always be drama, and there will always be a few surprises.

The draft went off to a fairly normal start.  The Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans each selected what they believe are the new franchise quarterbacks of the respective organizations, but when pick three was on the clock, that’s when things got wild.   The Houston Texans traded with the Arizona Cardinals, meaning they had back-to-back selections.  They used this pick on Will Anderson, the player was arguably the best player in the draft.  Things settled down, expected players went to the expected teams, but then the draft took a wild turn when the Detroit Lions were up at pick 12.

With pick 12, the Detroit Lions selected Jahmyr Gibbs.  Gibbs, who is incredibly talented and has the versatility to play wherever he chooses, was seen as a player that would have been available the next day.  A head-scratching pick to say the least, but as I said the draft created drama.  The Green Bay Packers followed the common trend of ignoring the most blatant need on the team.  They passed on multiple, highly talented players at the WR and TE position to take a Defensive End. Though this was not the worst pick in the world, it just ignored a need, a need that the Green Bay Packers desperately need to fill.

The latter portion of the round saw teams adding to their rosters, rather than building.  The Seattle Seahawks added depth at the wide receiver position, the Philadelphia Eagles essentially drafted all of The Georgia Bulldogs’ defense, and the rich keep getting richer when the Kansas City Chiefs chose to bolster the Defensive line.

The NFL Draft is an exciting time in the NFL. It sees the first stage of completion of life long dreams for the young men that have worked so hard for them and it leaves NFL fans excited about their teams heading into the NFL offseason. Now we just have to wait and see if the newly acquired talent performs to the heavy expectations set by their fans.