The Weather has a Mind of It’s Own

The Weather has a Mind of Its Own

Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Everyday every state is dealing with some type of weather and it’s either good or bad but never the same for any amount of days. Lately Colorado has been dealing with it being really nice and almost in the eighties and then the next day covered in snow.

One of the most tragic weather incidents happened this weekend with a dust storm in Illinois. The result of this dust storm killed six people and more than. thirty people were injured in crashes. This was a rare dust storm that started on a nearby farm and then carried onto Interstate 55 in a rural section of central Illinois that left everything having zero visibility. The crashes this dust storm caused included about 20 commercial vehicles and 40 to 60 cars which included two tractor trains that caught on fire. The injuries that people are left with varied from being minor to life threatening and the pole injured with within ages of two years old to eighty years old.

Many people said that the dust storm came rapidly and fast and it almost looked like a snowstorm. This came to a shock to a lot of people because although that dust storms are common in the Southwest, they rarely occur in central Illinois. The main thing that caused this dust storm to happen here was the dry stretch along with the very strong winds, even the Springfield airport about thirty miles north from here experienced wind going up to forty miles per house.

Even though dust storms are very common it doesn’t reject the fact that they are still very scary when one occurs because there is nothing you can do about it and is a lot harder to see when driving. Prayers go out to everyone in the central Illinois community and hoping that everyone can get back home healthy and safely.