Self Proclaimed Fat Man Review: Taco Attack


Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

On this week of Fat Man Review we will be going over Tuesday’s favorite menu item, tacos as well as going over a new grading system. Which will be put into four different categories, location, vibe, price and by far the most important, food. For our top taco chain restaurants we will be going over Fuzzy Tacos against Torchy’s Tacos with an honorable mention for Wahoo’s.

Now to get one thing out of the way I will be doing a first time review for these establishments as I am not as familiar with them as say Dominos or Texas Roadhouse. I used to have Fuzzy’s when I was younger in elementary but hadn’t in some time so I am excited to attack this review with a fresh, unbiasedĀ  look.

Starting with Fuzzy Tacos, and their flavor of taco that I chose was that of the Mahi Mahi taco coming in at a little over $3.50, which I chose one of the earliest establishments in the area. That of the Fuzzy Tacos on Old Wadsworth in the Denver area. I ordered three tacos and my father ordered one of their brisket salads.

At Torchy’s on 88th street is where we decided to go next as we knew the area. There I ordered a Baja Shrimp taco that came in at over $6.38 as well as a chicken fajita taco for my mother at the same price.

Now time for the comparison. First we have location, Fuzzy’s was located in Old Wadsworth and Torchy’s being just off of 88th. The upside to Torchy’s location was that it was a familiar area as I would go there often but Fuzzy’s win this category as Old Wadsworth is a beautiful area that just hits you with a wave of nostalgia even if you’ve never been the moment you walk around.

For the next catagory I will have to go with Torchy’s as while I waited I was able to cheer with other costumers on the NFC Championship game which gave it a more laid back feel, which was lacking in Fuzzy’s.

For the Third category we will have price and this will go to Fuzzy’s. Granted Torchy’s had a slightly bigger taco it was not worth paying almost double for a single taco.

Finally for the most important we have the food/taste category. This one was tough as it was Fuzzy’s Mahi Mahi taco versus Torchy’s Shrimp Baja. Both were delicious and I would gladly have them again but something about Fuzzy’s Mahi Mahi taco that just set it apart as the best taco of all time. Blowing Taco Bells Dorito taco out of the water.

Now for the final verdict, with a score of 3-to-1 the winner is Fuzzy’s with their better location, price, and the best taco of all time. However this contest was a lot closer than it would seem as Torchy’s menu had the most unique options, there were so many interesting and unique tacos to choose from that I didn’t have enough time to even make up my mind. So although Fuzzy’s wins this Fat Man Reveiw I would still highly recommend Torchy’s if there is one nearby.