Introducing Squash

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

Squash is the latest and greatest band to come out of Holy Family consisting of multiple alumni and a current student. The band specializes in playing Grateful Dead and other jam music. The four members that make up this CU based band include Griffin Keener, Jackson Grace, Sam Lutsig, and Will Keener. 

Griffin and Jackson have been building their friendship since the early days of being a Trojan at Sacred Heart of Jesus elementary and middle school. These two graduated from Sacred Heart together, and later Holy Family together, where they found their love for music after Griffin took intro to guitar. The duo then went to CU together and are currently sophomores both playing the guitar. “My favorite part is making music with my friends,” says Griffin Keener.

The two guitarists had been playing together for a while now entering their sophomore year. They then asked if the younger Keener brother, Will, was interested in playing the drums. The current Junior at Holy Family said yes and got a drum set. The three played together nearly every other day of the summer, where huge improvements were made. “I really like playing gigs and getting out in the college music scene, meeting other bands,” said the younger Keener, Will.

When everyone went back to school, the trio thought about playing gigs at CU. However they needed a bassist first, and met Sam Lutsig, the Tennessee native who is a Junior also attending CU. The three met the bassist through CU’s jam society, a society at CU where students meet and play live music together.

The four played a few gigs around CU house gatherings and came up with the name Squash. Squash then played their two biggest gigs at a Halloween party soon followed by another at Illegal Pete’s on Pearl Street.