Mr. and Ms. Holy Family

Who Will It Be?


Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

The nominations have been sent for Mr. and Mrs. Holy Family, a tradition at HF that recognizes two outstanding students from the senior class each year.

The faculty and staff vote for two girls and two boys each, picking the students they best believe represent our school in a positive, upbeat, and welcoming way. The girl and boy with the most votes at the end of the nomination process win, and get their pictures hung up in our school’s hallway.

“They are the folks voted on who best represents the school’s mission over the course of their four year career at Holy Family,” Vice Principal Mr. Gabriel states. “As seniors, you should resemble this mission. These two students best represent it.”

The mission statement of Holy Family High School is as follows:

Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ,
Holy Family High School seeks to provide a Catholic learning environment that
Stresses academic excellence,
Fosters mutual respect,
Demands responsibility,
and Encourages self-growth.

Holy Family pushes their students to not only represent this mission, but truly live it out in their schoolwork, faith journey, and life outside of the school. It is only fitting that the two students who best represent the foundation of the school will get recognized.

This year there are multiple great candidates in this year’s senior class. Each and every student who strives to be the best they can has a good chance, and the winners should hold the title with enormous pride for the recognition of their accomplishments in their role of a great example for the entire school. The final announcement of Mr. and Ms. Holy Family will be on Graduation Day, May 19th.