The Survivors Club


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Last year, senior Alexa Gregor came up with the idea foe Survivors Club.

Since we couldn’t really do a lot with clubs last year because of the coronavirus she couldn’t really do much in her club, but this year with everything starting to open up more Alexa is able to do the things she wants to do with her club like addressing major problems that occur in our world today.

Alexa left Holy Family but returned second semester of her junior year. Coming back to the school she had a lot of people to catch up with. When she was catching up with one of her friends that she hasn’t seen in a while she had told Alexa that she had been sexually assaulted.

This was a big eye opener for her because “most if not all girls have been there at some point or just experienced things like that and it’s one of those things that happens way too much and no one talks about,” she said.

As she mentioned this it made me realize that this is a major issue that isn’t talked about as much as it should be because unfortunately it happens way too often because at least one American is sexually assaulted every minute.

During this time that Alexa’s friend had told her about what happened to her there was this Tiktok trend going around that was talking about “97 percent of women get sexually assaulted” and this trend took over Tiktok for a couple of weeks.

It was trend that was met with mixed feelings, because a lot of people it opened their eyes to the fact that this does happen a lot and it is a serious issue. On the other hand the backlash of this trend wasn’t good because people were saying “that girls asked for it because of the way they dressed, how they act, and who they date” but these aren’t the reason this thing happens to people.

It’s unfortunate but this is what a lot of people think of when they hear about people getting sexually assaulted but Alexa doesn’t agree with these arguments and she wants to address that it’s not the persons fault in her club.

With all of these things it inspired Alexa to create the survivor club because she wanted to do something to make this issue more visible to people and make them realize that it’s serious.

Since this is a new club she still hasn’t figured out everything that she wants to do yet but one of the main things she wants to do first is to open people eyes to this serious issue and she’s going to do that by raising awareness and bringing people together that also want to make this issue visible.

Alexa also wants to do some charity work outside of school and give to organizations for women that have been through this.