Holy Family’s Jack of All Trades: What You May Not Know

Trevin Johnson, Staff Writer

At Holy Family, sometimes it is hard to look past those who help keep our school a better place. A dominant figure in this category, is our school’s Swiss Army knife, Sam Roskopf.

If you walk around the halls you will most likely see Mr. Roskopf fixing things up around the school. If there is something that is out of place or in bad shape, Mr. Roskopf will make sure to make it is functional again.

With all that he does for our school day in and day out, getting to know a little bit more about the man who keeps our school running properly is the least we could do.

Something you may not know about our jack of all trades is that he is an avid automobile enthusiast. Mr. Roskopf has a very select picking of beautiful cars in his back pocket.

Firstly, he has a 1939 Ford Pickup Truck which he has restored and it happens to be one of his pride and joys. It is a bright red two doored beauty of an automobile but it is not the only one.

Something that may strike you by surprise about Mr. Roskopf is his history in athletics. For football players especially, it is new knowledge that he was not only a part of our football team here, but also a coach.

As a 1977 grad, he remembers a time when he played football. He was clearly passionate about his experiences while playing football for the Tigers. He was a part of a team that was still running a wishbone offense which was very physical for him at the quarterback position.

For reference of the kind of player he was, he received the honor of First Team All Conference at defensive back for his sheer physicality on the defensive side of the ball. It was funny to learn that we shared favorite memories of beating Lutheran while we played. His team beat Lutheran in an overtime feat while our current team beat Lutheran in a league championship this season.

When being asked if the football team now was tougher than his back in the day Roskopf responded, “Tougher nah, I wouldn’t say that, it’s a tough game.”

Following his athletic ties as a high school athlete,  he did some coaching for the football team through 1996. Added onto this coaching tenure, he coached a state wining basketball team in 1998.

It is evident that our beloved Denver Bronco loving, jack of all trades, and Holy Family Tiger has a very interesting history and story to tell. Keep Mr. Roskopf in mind when you see faculty and staff around the school because you might just be able to find out some pretty interesting facts about them.