When does Senioritis Start?


Sierra Sisneros

11 Signs You Have Senioritis | Senioritis Symptoms | Plexuss.comSenioritis is a disease affecting mostly high school seniors. The symptoms include laziness, lack of motivation, excessive absences in school, putting off assignments till the very last minute, and STRESS. A lot of stress. There is only one known cure for Senioritis, which is to graduate. Dropping out is not a cure for Senioritis, because we do not give up at Holy Family.

Let’s give some examples of Senioritis. A teacher assigns an essay due Saturday at 11:59pm. The senior would start the essay on Saturday at 11pm, then submit it at exactly 11:59pm. High school seniors’ motivation begins to decline as graduation time comes closer. One of the main causes of Senioritis is stress. Although seniors in high school have already been accepted into the colleges of their choice or denied, most seniors realize that their last semester grades will be sent to the institution. So when did your Senioritis start?

After hearing from around 30 seniors at Holy Family, I realized that our class is definitely suffering from Senioritis. Everyone has different symptoms. Also, not every senior’s Senioritis started this year. Every case of Senioritis is very different, but all cases have one symptom in common. Can you guess what that symptom is? Absolutely no motivation. Beware of Senioritis – College & Career Center – James A. Foshay Learning Center

Like I said before, everyone’s Senioritis starts at a different time. Some of the seniors I heard from said that their case started Freshman year. Most said it started between Junior and Senior year, which is completely normal, but if yours started Freshmen year, no judgement here. I think we have all been waiting to graduate since the beginning of high school.

No matter the symptoms we are experiencing, we are still here and striving to graduate. Like I said before class of 2021, dropping out is not an option.

Please be cautious of our seniors who are experiencing Senioritis, or most of the class of 2021. Remember Seniors, we are almost to graduation day, ready to move onto the next steps of our lives. Even throughout all these crazy symptoms we are experiencing, we still have to put in the effort and finish strong!